• Ingenico iSMP4

Designed from the ground up for all-purpose mobile use, the iSMP4 Companion can be connected with a tablet or smartphone to create a secure, smart, mobile point of sale (mPOS) system.ion, enabling integration with third-party mobile devices, cases, stands, and docks.

Universal mobility and payment acceptance

The lightweight, 7-oz. design makes it easy to accept all forms of payment on the go, including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless. The iSMP4 also supports a wide range of payment use cases and can be used as a companion, integrated, or stand-beside device.

User-friendly and ergonomic design

Designed from the ground up for professional use, the iSMP4 includes a 2.8” backlit color display, the largest in its class, to provide an optimal user experience—even in bright outdoor environments—and an illuminated EMV slot that guides consumer interactions. The accompanying universal tablet enclosure provides businesses with the flexibility to fit a variety of 8” tablets without restricting merchants to a single device. At a total weight of under 2 lbs, the enclosure allows associates to carry and use the iSMP4 and tablet in one hand, with a center gripping point and easy access to the iSMP4’s barcode scanner and the tablet’s camera.

Enterprise-grade performance and security

The iSMP4 handles the most demanding and fast-paced environments. Equipped with an optional 1D/2D commercial grade barcode scanner with laser-aiming technology, it reliably scans loyalty cards, coupons, barcodes, QR codes, and even driver’s licenses. Its long-lasting 2000mAh battery adds further durability with support for a full workday, plus it can be easily swapped-out for rapid replacement. The accompanying single and multi-bay docking stations enable simultaneous data communication and charging of the iSMP4 and a tablet, while providing an advanced locking system to secure all components with a tamper resistant mounting.

Wide range of connectivity and integration options

Built upon the same platform as Ingenico Group’s full featured payment devices, the iSMP4 provides a single integration across all of your payment initiatives. Pair it with virtually any iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux based device to convert it into a point of sale, and connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and physical pairing to enable integrated and semi-integrated options. In addition, its modular design and 10-pin connector deliver robust physical connectivity for power and data communicat

Ingenico iSMP4

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PIN Encryption Key

Hardware Configuration – The PIN encryption key is responsible for encrypting any PIN type entered on your device, including credit and debit. Buyer assume responsibility for ensuring the setup and configuration, specifically the key injection information provided at time of order is correct and compatible with their payment processor.  POSDATA and/or our resellers are not responsible for the verification or confirmation of the buyer’s key injection requirements.

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